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Devilin Dupriest's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Devilin Dupriest

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a mirror for memories [26 Jul 2016|05:06pm]
So this still exists. I wonder what, if any, difference it will make for people. Living in a world where who we were remains on display if we ever think to look back at it. Not just the moments we might've written about in a diary filtered through our later perception as we read them, or the terribly earnest emotions of old love letters in all their stinging glory, or the faded remembrance of an old photo trying to see the person we are now in the face that was us then. All the banality, all the social preening, the exclamation points of youthful idealism, the fads and fashions of prior politics. Plenty of people have lamented the foolishness of their youth with an uncomfortable chuckle, or a weary shrug at the way of the world. That's hardly a new story. I wonder if it will make any difference that instead of vague and uncomfortable memories of a version of you that never existed, instead we'll be able to look back directly at the world we used to see, rail against, or willfully ignore.

Quite possibly it's just me. Or if that borders on narcissism, at the very least it is not an issue of the human condition but of individuals.
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Hold your horse [25 Aug 2011|12:21pm]
So, I was around horses recently, and randomly decided to go look at horse videos. They remind me that generally speaking, horse people are crazy, but mostly in a good kind of way. Imagine if your car could roll over your foot just because it was feeling cranky or thought it was funny. Anyway, random horse video:

youtube (new window)

I liked this one because the young rider has an impressively mature outlook, which probably has a lot to do with the responsibilities of dealing with horses, and also it says a lot about horses in general. The video summary she gives goes into a lot of detail, but what stands out to me is mostly the parts discussing respect, and knowing when to hold the reins and when to give the horse it's head so it doesn't start fighting you, and knowing when to be firm and when to praise. They're really quite intelligent animals (at least some of them, but I'd make the same distinction for humans) and surprisingly complex emotionally and capable of being quite obstinate.
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Good news everyone! (it's okay if you don't read this in my voice) [28 Jun 2010|11:48pm]
I'm employed now. =) I had my first day of work today, and it went well, and I think I'll enjoy it. Everythings coming up Milhouse!

random saved note under the cut, feel free to skip
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We salute you, Lieutenant Joseph "Joe" Carey [19 Jun 2010|05:19pm]

Background character through almost the entire run of Voyager, died the episode before they return home.

I bet he was just days from retirement, too.
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History, Re: Not doomed to repeat [16 Jun 2010|03:36pm]
"The indecent foreign dance called the Waltz was introduced ... at the English Court on Friday last ... It is quite sufficient to cast one's eyes on the voluptuous intertwining of the limbs, and close compressure of the bodies ... to see that it is far indeed removed from the modest reserve which has hitherto been considered distinctive of English females. So long as this obscene display was confined to prostitutes and adulteresses, we did not think it deserving of notice; but now that it is ... forced on the respectable classes of society by the evil example of their superiors, we feel it a duty to warn every parent against exposing his daughter to so fatal a contagion."

- The Times of London, 1816
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Alex will remember this conversation [14 Jun 2010|05:34am]
I wrote it up for somewhere else last night, thought I'd share it with the class. Here was an idea for a What If style Superman one-shot:

Sadly we came up with this long before DC One Million, but I doubt it could be done now without seeming like copying. The idea was Superman at the end of the universe, literally, everything is collapsing back in on itself, the story picking up with a glowing Superman watching over the last planet in the universe, Earth, now a museum to all it's ages past and devoid of life, humanity having loooong ago either moved on or disappeared. In fact all life in the universe is gone, except for Supes, who over the billions of years has absorbed enough solar energy that he glows like a sun. As he watches the universe is accelerating inwards towards the big crunch, with little left but the Earth and the rapidly collapsing zero-point at the center. Superman takes a few moments flying over the museum planet to remember the past, then lets go of it, letting the last planet spiral inwards into the universe blackhole. He himself, with no one left to protect, not even his memories begins to drift inward as the final collapse accelerates faster, shedding his costume as a final act of shriving and letting that too disappear into the void. He thinks back over his life, all the lives of an entire universe that he knew and protected as the collapse draws him in. For a page, maybe a couple pages, we have the glowing Superman entombed in darkness, the gravity of an entire universe pressing in on him like the famous image of Atlas holding the world. He thinks about the universe, life, all he fought for, the darkness pressing him down, crushing him, and how it's all passed, his job is done and he doesn't have to fight any more. The figure of Superman is bowed down, then onto one knee. Supes last thoughts are of peace, being reunited with loved ones, of laying down the weight of the world, of there being nothing left to give, to fight for. then it pulls back to reveal all that's left of creation a single micro-dot of darkness. And from that little microdot one last thought bubble, twisted, compressed out of shape. "in the end, darkness claims all." a couple of utterly empty panels. "no" the thought balloon/font a little firmer with each panel now, growing larger. "Let" the microdot seems to grow larger "there" cracks form "BE" a glow spreads along the cracks "LIGHT" Full page Big Bang, light and matter spreading outward, a universe born.
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Oh the humanity! [14 Jun 2010|12:45am]
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It's rainy today [10 Jun 2010|12:31pm]
So...have some depressing Christian post-rock.

A Silver Mt. Zion, off the album 'He Has Left Us Alone, But Shafts of Light Sometimes Grace the Corner of Our Rooms...'

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Ebert talks about racism [09 Jun 2010|03:00pm]
I like Ebert, he does a good job of watching the whole world through the window of his experiences with movies. I suppose there's a valid point to be made that movies are the theater of our times, and theater is still a clear indicator of who we are, and who we want to be. Anyway, here's the link.


I hate the last paragraph. It made me wibble, and I hate that. But I suppose that's because there's really nothing I hate more than the thought of making someone unhappy, ruining an otherwise happy moment. It's the little things in life, for me. I'm content to argue and yell and insult people directly, but the thought of indirectly hurting someone's feelings, making them feel small, rips me apart.

So there's my thought for the day. I'm not sure what it is exactly, but it's there.
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bad fanfiction crossover short [06 Jun 2010|06:41pm]
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borrowed from a post on a comic board [06 Jun 2010|04:29pm]
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[02 Jun 2010|09:22pm]
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[02 Jun 2010|04:39am]
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Holy cow. Awesome stuff. [01 Jun 2010|07:50am]
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Good morning, world [28 May 2010|07:04am]
This is a video of an eight month old deaf baby's reaction to a cochlear implant being activated.

I forgive you the rest of it. You're cool in my book, world.
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Mark Twain to publish his autobiography...waitaminute [24 May 2010|06:30am]

Even if it's mostly been revealed before, I still want to read this.
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Manly tears [19 May 2010|03:20pm]
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[09 May 2010|03:15pm]
I suppose this is worth me admitting to being alive:

Minuscule progress occurs on the Elfquest movie:
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inter-generation warfare [09 Sep 2009|02:18pm]
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Presented without comment [28 Aug 2009|06:29am]
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